The Photographer

A freelance photographer resigning in Toronto, Canada, shooting themes ranging from landscape to fashion to semi-nude. I am very easy to work with, and open to many photography ideas and projects.

Why is Photography important to you?

I’m an imaginative person, an image will have more of an impact on me than something written or spoken because an image freezes a moment or memory in time that can say a thousand words to someone or just one word to thousands of people. I want to capture all the moments I can for others to see and to learn from.


Elision Magazine – March
VOLO (Daily Collection) (NSFW) – August
SINFUL – #10
Twisted Edge – #48
Xpressions – October Halloween
Xpressions – October Special Edition

Xpressions – Art Nude Edition (NSFW)
Destructoglam – January
Femme Rebelle – April
Alternative Revolution -April (NSFW)
GoreGous Girls Magazine – 17

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