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The Photographer

A freelance photographer resigning in Toronto, Canada, shooting themes ranging from landscape to fashion to semi-nude. I am very easy to work with, and open to many photography ideas and projects.

Why is Photography important to you?

I’m an imaginative person, an image will have more of an impact on me than something written or spoken because an image freezes a moment or memory in time that can say a thousand words to someone or just one word to thousands of people. I want to capture all the moments I can for others to see and to learn from.


Elision Magazine – March
VOLO (Daily Collection) (NSFW) – August
SINFUL – #10
Twisted Edge – #48
Xpressions – October Halloween
Xpressions – October Special Edition

Xpressions – Art Nude Edition (NSFW)
Destructoglam – January
Femme Rebelle – April
Alternative Revolution -April (NSFW)
GoreGous Girls Magazine – 17


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Session Pricing Rates

Note: please be aware before booking a session that images created during a session might be used for promotional purposes for Tyrone islington Photography

NOTE: The raw files of the photos WILL NOT be part or added in any package, even if requested.



  • 1-3 hours on location
  • 1 outfit change
  • 60 – 100 unedited images
  • 25 professionally retouched images
  • Photos to be sent via Dropbox



  • 1-5 hours on location
  • 2-3 outfit changes
  • 80 – 150 unedited images *if Requested*
  • 50 professionally retouched images
  • Photos to be sent via Dropbox



  • *Price depends on hours/event
  • All Photos of the Event
  • Limited Editing and Retouching
  • Transportation fee will be added
  • Photos to be sent via Dropbox



  • 30 – 120 Minutes
  • No Outfit Changes
  • 15 Professionally Retouched Images ONLY
  • Photos to be sent via Dropbox


Things you need to bring to a session!

  • Outfits that represent the image you wish to portray in your portrait. Do you want to appear professional, sexy, casual, trendy, stylish??
  • Fashion Accessories.
  • Hair products and makeup to do touch-ups and adjustments.
  • If the photos are going to be nude or semi-nude, arrive in loose clothes to avoid skin marks.
  • Music that you like to listen to! I always have music on hand, but its best you bring your own in case you don’t like what I have.
  • Payment for the photo shoot/session

Travel & Location

Travel: Should you book me for a shoot outside of my base location in Toronto, you will be required to cover the cost of my travel to and from your/shoot location. Additional fees will be added to the overall price.

All Packages are to be paid for the day of the session or before it. If payment is not made upon the scheduled session, then the session will not take place. However, changes can be make if payment may come late on, please contact me for more details.


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